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Shower Master - The Specialist in frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

SM-300-1 pull knob SM-300-2 D-Pull SM-300-3 D-Pull (Squire)

SM-600-1 Channel bracket

SM-100-2 Glass to glass hinge
SM-200-1  Wall to glass patch

SM-100-1 Wall to glass hinge

All enclosures are custom made to suit each individual clients requirements. This allows the client or designer complete freedom in the design of the bathroom layout.

Shower Master’s service includes design assistance to optimize the function and design of your shower enclosure.

Shower Master Patch Hinges and Accessories for Shower Doors and Panels

bullet  Stainless steel patch hinges and fittings are Australian designed.

bullet  The patch hinges are designed with several distinctive features not normally found in other shower screens hinges.

1. Manufactured  from solid stainless steel (marine grade 316)
bullet  By a process called investment casting for a lifetime performance. An important feature for projects close to the seaside.

2. The  bottom hinge distributes glass door weight.
bullet  The hinge base is designed to be in contact with the floor - thereby transferring the weight of the glass door to the floor, greatly reducing the pulling momentum on the top and bottom hinge fixing points.

bullet  Eliminating the problem of the door -  weight, pulling the hinge fixings and or the tile off the wall often caused by poor quality construction and finishing work.

3. The bottom hinge features a unique adjustable cam.

bullet  Allowing the hinge to be set at any angle - a very important consideration when the configuration of the shower enclosure wall or return panel is not positioned exactly at 90’ or 135’ either by design or poor construction.

4. The hinges are mechanically fixed to the glass.
bullet  that is: fixings screws pass through holes in the glass to securely hold the glass to the hinge, an important safety feature.

5. Self-Centering Action
bullet  Closing type : Self-Centering when within 25 degree of closed position

6. Patch hinges and fittings are designed for 8 and 10mm toughened glass with a maximum weight 
    of 80 kg.


Solid Stainless Steel - 316  ( marine grade) Glass Hinges and Fittings



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bullet ป้ายกระจก ดีไซน์พิเศษ Custom Made Glass Signage
bullet กระจกเงาดีไซน์ Custom Made Mirror
bullet กระจกเคลือบสี หลากสีสัน แห่งจินตนาการ High Quality Glass Colour Cote
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bullet ตู้อาบน้ำกระจก ราคามาตรฐานโครงการ Shower Project



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